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Worldclass Cyber Security training, to be ready in time in the event of an attack

A complete and varied encyclopedia of 24 cybersecurity courses 100% online to enhance your skills and boost your career!

Dynamic training

The CYBERIUM ARENA simulator allows trainees to practice and upgrade their defense, offense, and ICS/SCADA capabilities.

Real-world Simulations

Learn to attack to get the skills to defend. Learn how to attack to acquire the necessary defense skills through real life scenarios.


Work on your own equipment, from home or office with virtual machines connected to the simulator.

Student community

Become part of a social network of fellow course participants.

Welcome to SDA Academy


SDA-ACADEMY is the Cybersecurity training division of :

training Approach

We are pleased to offer a new advanced program for maintaining the preparedness of dedicated technical teams through HANDS-ON training. This combination of presentation, workshops and simulations based on real-life events develops the abilities in problem-solving and strategy creation capacity. Within this framework, advanced scenarios, professional literature, and familiarity with real assault events create a well-designed program.

Cyber Security Academy - SDA Academy

Course Offerings

Most Demanded by Cybersecurity Experts

Our core course offerings are tailored to offer the most practical learning experience for the real world.


The Network Research course aims to address cyber challenges experienced on the network level.

Techniques & Procedures Covered

The course covers various attack techniques and how to defend against them.
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Cyber Warfare training is about large attacks using technology to attack a nation, causing comparable harm to actual warfare.

Techniques & Procedures Covered

This training sets the groundwork for specialization in cyber forensics, advanced cyber defense, and penetration testing.
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This course is a unique and in-depth course focusing on the practice of skilled penetration examiners and broad knowledge of finding weaknesses in organizations

Techniques & Procedures Covered

Under this exceptional training, the students will acquire capabilities to identify infrastructure-level assaults.
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This course is an essential skill in the cybersecurity world. This training covers a broad spectrum of aspects of the forensic investigation process performed on Windows OS.

Techniques & Procedures Covered

Students will learn how different computer components work and how they can investigate after a cyber-incident.
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Upcoming training session

Windows Forensics - NX212 - English -

***MONTREAL time zone *** October 17 2022

Montreal –Toronto – Boston – New York – Washington – Atlanta – Miami Time zone:  Eastern Standard Time  (GMT-4)

Topics :

8 am - 5 pm
40 hours
5 Days
Next training session

Network Research - NX 201 - English -

***MONTREAL Time Zone *** September 12 2022

Montreal –Toronto – Boston – New York – Washington – Atlanta – Miami Time zone:  Eastern Standard Time  (GMT-4)

Topics :

8 am - 5 pm
40 Hours
5 Days

Our cyber security core program is comprised of the most popular topics to make you an effective first responder to cyberattacks and criminal activity. This makes it very cost-effective to quickly get up to speed and support in the real world.

Learners get to interact with live trainers demonstrating real life situations via video conference. This is a superior learning experience to passively watching videos and reading books.

Our training comes with accompanying textbooks and downloadable learning materials.

You practice on your own computer. When the course is over, everything you did is yours and becomes part of your own personal toolbox of utilities and knowledge to do your job effectively.

big enough to serve you, small enough to know you

Our dedicated team of trainers brings you the best in training by combining experience and techniques to provide you with an exceptional quality of training.

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