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SDA Academy is an elite online cybersecurity training center based in Montreal, Canada that fosters success with live HANDS-ON virtual training, top-of-the-line technology and experienced educators. As a subsidiary of  Secure Digitale advent, we provide courses in partnership with ThinkCyber, one of the world leaders in cyber security training. ThinkCyber is an Israeli company based in Tel Aviv, composed of a team of professionals active in the field of cybersecurity.

Cyber-attack capabilities have greatly improved in recent years and include sophisticated and diverse methods that begin with advanced OSINT processes and utilize a combination of attack tools and advanced methodology.


Our training offers solutions for maintaining technical teams’ competence by providing insight into the mindset of the attackers and their constantly improved strategies.

Students at SDA Academy test their knowledge on real-world simulations using ThinkCyber’s Cyberium Arena, developed with the Israel Defense Force Unit 8200. Within this framework, advanced scenarios, professional literature, and familiarity with real assault events create a well-designed program. The training includes a report that allows for performance analysis, goal targeting, and metrics for follow-up training to maintain capabilities.


We can offer training programs for individuals and corporations. Students receive the personal attention they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of cybersecurity. In addition, students become a part of the SDA Academy alumni community with ongoing mentoring, even after finishing a course.

Regardless of your prior knowledge about or experience with cybersecurity, you will learn something new either from the continuously updated content from the trainers or through interaction with the simulations. We encourage companies to send teams to our training to maximize the shared knowledge of new skills gained in your organization.


Jean Teman


Jean Teman


SDA Group

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT and Security sectors, Jean Teman has mainly focused on the development of International IT Projects in Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, and South Africa.
Jean Teman has oriented his strategies toward international development in the field of advanced technology, providing expert consultants in IT and Cyber Security in Canada and in major international projects.

Jean Teman is the CEO of the SDA group (Secure.Digitale.advent).

He is the exclusive distributor of seven Cyber Security solutions and products, including those of THINKCYBER in Canada and other countries.

David Shiffman


David Shiffman


David is an accredited expert and knowledge focal point in information security and cyber operations, with more than 15 years of experience in high-tech and start-ups. He researches, explores, trains, and educates on cybersecurity topics and works with military, government and corporate clients worldwide.

Senior trainer with special forces and secret services around the world. Responsible for a talented team of security professionals who research and develop innovative tools and capabilities. Professional with a balanced mix of developing complex, cutting-edge security solutions and strong customer relationship skills.

Cybersecurity research ✦ Cyber operations and warfare ✦ Forensics ✦ SCADA Security ✦ Consulting and Training.

✦ Cyberium Arena – design and development of a simulated red-team blue-team training platform for cyber warfare.
✦ “Lahav 433” Unit Training – an Israeli crime-fighting umbrella organization within the Israel Police, known as the “Israeli FBI”. Trained the unit on advanced cyber forensics and cyber-crime investigations.


Jay Bodkin


Jay Bodkin


Jay Bodkin an IT professional with experience with over twenty years of experience helping clients through technical consulting and team leadership roles for academia, government and large corporations.

His work has been carried out both domestically in Canada and internationally in United States and Europe with cross-functional teams in distributed settings.

His mission is now focused on fighting cyber threats through enabling education of IT professionals dedicated to becoming first responders to cyber emergencies.

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Benefit from quality training with a team of qualified instructors who will accompany you throughout the training course.





Shokoufeh Seifi SDA Academy

Shokoufeh Seifi

Trainer & PhD Researcher. Candidate

With a Ph.D. candidate profile, Network Security Engineer, Information Technology Analyst, Information Security. 

Shokoufeh has more than 10 years of experience as an expert in network security. Her Ph.D. research is focused on IoT networks, IDS for IoT networks, and specifically, detect attacks on RPL in IoT. she is working to detect various attacks on the RPL protocol by machine learning and intrusion detection systems to detect these types of attacks for IoT networks. Besides, she is testing a new model using artificial intelligence to identify anomalies in the IoT network.

Her experience was working in incident response (SOC), network security, application security assessments, Linux & Windows Operating Systems, advanced network administration, SIFT & Kali, penetration testing in the application layer, and detecting attacks network layer. In addition, she taught programming, networking, and information security since 2012 at the universities in Iran and as an assistant teacher at Montreal’s Polytechnic.

Fatena El Masri

Fatena El Masri

Cybersecurity Expert & Trainer

Dr. Fatena El-Masri, has a PhD in Computational Science and Data Informatics, is an IT/engineer and financial engineer professional. She has 20 years of experience in engineering, network engineering, high performance computation, financial engineering, applied statistics, and quantitative risk modeling and management (including market, credit and operational risk). Currently she is specialized in Artificial Intelligences/Machine Learning and Cybersecurity. She is currently teaching as an adjunct professor at George Mason University (GMU) and George Washington University (GWU) teaching Marketing digital analytics, Advanced Econometrics and Quantitative Analytics.

Dr. Fatena worked as a project manager with the Royal Australian Navy as a weapon engineering officer. She has many records in the Navy and other places to prove her great leader skills and her strategic thinking that helped and guided many varieties of employees, students and colleagues. She implemented new advanced technologies at a critical IT mission with the Navy and other companies in Australia, France and the United States.

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