realistic scenarios in Cyber Security

Cyberium Arena Simulator

The best way to really test your skills, going through cyber security scenarios that have happened in real life.

SDA-ACADEMY Cyber Training Courses

The CYBERIUM ARENA SIMULATOR is a high-end cybersecurity simulator, which trains participants to use a wide variety of online tools in order to identify the nature of a cyber attack and respond promptly and efficiently to prevent damage and disable the attacker. Participants learn how to easily identify potential vulnerabilities in their organization’s network, so they can be addressed before an attacker has a chance to exploit them. The challenge is to thwart an attack in its earliest stages before any significant damage to the organization’s network.

The CYBERIUM ARENA SIMULATOR offers to participants the opportunity of dealing with real-life situations without endangering the organization’s systems. Each scenario has a set of problems, featuring various servers and networks to expose participants to the variety of issues they will face in the real world. 

Training via the CYBERIUM ARENA enables participants to develop high-level cybersecurity expertise and maintain their edge with regular updating of knowledge and skills in this ever-changing field.

The CYBERIUM ARENA was developed by our partner ThinkCyber, and its team of experts is constantly revising the training scenarios to reflect the most accurate and current cyber challenges.

Cyberium Arena Simulator

Demo Video

One of our training pieces’ great added values is using the CYBERIUM ARENA, which gives the participants realistic scenarios to test all their knowledge!

Cyberium Arena Simulator

Setup Environment

Cyberium Arena Simulator Router-Firewall Ubiquiti-USG-PRO-4

Router and Firewall
The USG-PRO-4 Enterprise Gateway Router offers Gigabit Ethernet, Advanced Security, Monitoring, and Management and full Integration with UniFi Controller Software for easy and advanced management.

Cyberium Arena Simulator Switch UniFi-PRO-48-PoE

The fully manageable UniFi Pro PoE 48-Port Gigabit Managed Switch, is designed with Layer 3 advanced protocol support, silent and passively cooled design, A 1.3″ touchscreen display for fast troubleshooting and easy to manage using the UniFi Network Controller application.

Cyberium Arena Simulator PowerEdge R740xd2

PowerEdge Server
The R740xd2 with its enormous storage potential using an internal design of two stacked drive trays, each with 12 hot- swap bays. Processing power with dual Xeon Scalable CPUs and 16 DIMM slots supporting up to 512GB of RAM, this server is designed for high scalability and survivability.

Cyberium Arena Simulator APC ups

Intelligent power protection, Ideal UPS for servers,
routers, switches, hubs and other network devices.

Cyberium Arena Simulator

Student Report Analysis

The Student Report Analysis is a live-score screen where the trainer can see each students’ progress during each scenario and compare the standing of different students as they work through the tasks.

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