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Free Online Cybersecurity training. 6 hours of free Network Research training to give you an overview of the full 5-day training at SDA Academy. Live instructors on our simulation platform ”CYBERIUM ARENA

Module 3 of the Network Research course (NX 201-F)

Duration: 6 Hours

Topic: Introduction to Network Forensics

Large organizations these days suffer greatly from network attacks and malicious intrusions. Those who manage the organization’s network have an immense impact on ensuring its safety. This module will introduce participants to Network Forensics and learn how to locate and better understand various attacks.

Windows Tools 

  • Network Miner
  • Advanced Wireshark
  • OS-Finger printing
  • Detecting SuspiciousTraffic
  • Sysinternals

Linux Tools

  • TShark- Network Analyzing Automation 
  • Capture Packet Data from Live Network 
  • Filter Packets from Live Network
  • Filter Packet from PCAP File 
  • Traffic Statistics
  • File-Carving 
  • Parsing Traffic Logs 
  • CAPlnfo

Simulations (Real-world scenarios)

Test your cybersecurity expertise through our simulator “Cyberium Arena. “

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