NX201 Network Research


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  • $3000 USD     -Price for USA/Canada (Individual)

    $4000 USD     -Price for USA/Canada (B2B Customized)

  • 4000 €             -Price for Europe  – (This Price includes one day of consulting service of a senior SDA cybersecurity advisor)


NX201 Network Research

Companies large and small face a critical stage; cyber-attacks have transformed dramatically over the past few years. Unfortunately, organizations are still being breached too often and are under more pressure than ever to secure their systems. The Network Research course aims to address cyber challenges experienced on the network level. The course covers various attack techniques and how to defend against them.

By the end of the course, participants will have the ability to build and maintain a secure network, protect data, manage vulnerabilities, implement active access control measures, and regularly monitor the network for inconsistencies.

The Nx201 Network Research course sets the groundwork for later specialization in cyber forensics, advanced cyber defense, and penetrating testing.

Target Audience

The course targets participants with basic knowledge in IT or networking, who wish to understand corporate cybersecurity and cyber defense on a technical perspective.

  • IT security personnel
  • Incident responders
  • Security analysts


  • None


  • Becoming familiar with the cyber threat landscapes
  • Acquiring the knowledge and tools to recognize threats in the network.
  • Testing networks and network-based-systems for vulnerabilities.
  • Understanding cyber-attacks.
  • Becoming familiar with a variety of available tools for performing security-related tasks.


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