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CyberSecurity Course Schedule

Please find below the dates and the courses that will be offered during the year 2022.

Click here to see our  complete and varied encyclopedia of 24 courses.

To register for a course, see the section On-Demand Cyber Security Courses below.


Complete Cybersecurity Courses Training

Top 40-hour cybersecurity courses and Online training

Our dedicated team of trainers brings you the best in training by combining experience and techniques  to provide  exceptional training  quality and include  Certified Instructors, Revolutionary E-Learning Method, Industry-Backed Certification, Pre & After Training Follow-Up, and Online training in our simulator Cyberium Arena. “


One Day Free Course Training

Top 8-hour cybersecurity courses and training

To learn more about one of these popular courses in SDA Academy, you can start and finish several course modules in less than a day – for free.  Test your security expertise through our simulator “Cyberium Arena. “


On-Demand Cybersecurity Courses

SDA Academy can offer training programs for individuals and corporations that are tailored to each student’s level of experience and learning style.

In addition to the regular courses that are presented above. SDA-Academy offers a range of specialized security courses for professionals and security managers. Consult the course encyclopedia. You can make a request by sending an email to [email protected] for individual or team participation in these courses.

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